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All about Uttarakhand | you should know

Uttarakhand is a Mountainous State of India bestowed with ample beauty and charm in the heart of the Himalayas.

known for its Religious tourism, BioDiversity, rich Cultural music, trekking, paragliding, and much more… it has got so much inherited, that foreigners often say Uttarakhand as “Switzerland of India”.

but for Indians (DESI people) it’s much more than just tourism/Adventrours destinations, it’s a religious place. which is one dire wish to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Uttarakhand finds mention in ancient Hindu scriptures as Kedarkhand, Manaskhand & Himavant.

the Evidence of Uttarakhand has been found in Skanda Purana, by the name – Kedarkhand & Manaskhand.
& in Mahabahart by name – Uttarpanchal.

people living here are called Pahari/पहाड़ी: they are Simple, Hardworking, Strong & Helping Nature guys.

Uttarakhand Demographic

it comprises of 2 regions -> Garhwali in the Wests & Kumaon in the East.
both regions are endowed with awesome Charismatic Natural beauty & calm cold Winds of the majestic Himalayas.

POPULATION10086292 (ranked 20th in the country)
LITERACY RATE78.82 (ranked 17th in the country)
TOTAL FERTILITY RATE2.3 (birth per woman)
Uttarakhand demographic profile as per — censusindia.gov.in

Geography of UK

Uttarakhand became 27th State of the INDIA on 9th Nov 2020; (carved out of UP )

Uttarakhand has 2 capitals -> Dehradun (Winter capital ) & Gairsain ( Summer Capital )

Uttarakhand Summer Capital, Winter capital
Uttarakhand Capital

Uttarakhand has a diversity of flora and fauna.
Recorded forest Area constitutes 65% of the total area of the state (53.4 sq. km)

situated in North India & share borders with– UP & HP
shares international borders with -> Nepal & Tibet (which is now the Autonomous Region of China)

Uttarakhand bordering states & international boundaries
Uttarakhand bordering states & international boundaries

Some Stats of Uttarakhand:

Population in 2021(as per projection) -> approx. 1.1 Cr – (Ranked 19th among all states)

3rd rank in Literacy Rate-87.6% ( ranked below Kerala & Delhi)
Lok Sabha Constituencies -> 5

Rank 2nd in Niti Aayog’s India Innovation Index 2020, among the Hilly States.

Uttarakhand innovation index ranking
Uttarakhand innovation index ranking

Uttarakhand Glaciers, Places, Adventurous sports

Uttarakhand is blessed with magnificent Gigantic Glaciers some of the Famous Glaciers of Uttarakhand are: Gangotri, Kedarnath, Chaurabari, Bhagirathi-Kharak, Satopanth, Kamket, Barmal, Raikana, Bandarpunch, Pindari
& Doonagiri Glacier.

Uttarakhand the place where god recedes

it is like Heaven on Earth for Natural Lover’s of Lakes & valleys
some of the Famous Lakes in Uttarakhand:
Naukuchia Tal, Bhim Tal, Nainital, Sat Tal, Nachiketa Tal, Khurpa Tal, Drona Sagar, KagbhuSandi Tal, Deorai Tal, Vasuki Tal, Dodi Tal, Roop Kund, Govind Ghat (among which 90% of lakes are in Kumaun Region) .

Nainital is also called – “Lake District”

Some of the Famous Valleys in Uttarakhand:
Darma Valley, Doon Valley, Johar Valley, Hem Kund Valley, Saur Valley,

Uttarakhand is the Origin palace of holy Rivers – Ganga(rises from Gangotri Glacier) & Yamuna(rises from Yamunotri Glacier).

Uttarakhand Ganga confluence
Ganga confluence

Uttarakhand is a place for Adrenaline junkie; who also loves spirituality.

Some Adventurous Sports available here :

Adventurous Sportsmost popular destination
TrekkingKakbhusandi, Chandrashila, Deorai Tal,
Roopkund, Valley of Flower & Pindari Glacier.
ParaglidingNaukuchiyatal, Bhimtal, Pithoragarh
Bungee JumpingMohan Chatti, Rishikesh
RaftingRishikesh, Shivpuri
Wildlife SafarisCorbett & Rajaji National Parks


Devbhoomi pandi

It’s also known as DevBhoomi or Land of Gods & Goddesses.
Uttarakhand most loved by pilgrims for its -> Char Dhams – Gangotri (the holy origin of river Ganga), Yamunotri(the holy origin of river Yamuna), Kedarnath (dedicated to Lord Shiva) & Badrinath(dedicated to Lord Vishnu)

Uttarahand Char dham
Char Dham of Uttarakhand

While the Sikhs consider Hemkund, Lokpal, Nankmatta, Metha Reetha Sahib & Piran Kaliyar very sacred.

Brief History

Uttarakhand was the ancient name for the central part of the Indian Himalayas.
The Pauravas, kushanas, Kunindas, Guptas, Katyuris , Palas, Chands , Panwars & the Britishers have ruled Uttarakhand in turns.

Talking about Garhwal Region:
it’s been once a part of the Mauryan empire.
also, the history of Garwal began as King AjayPal merged the 52 principalities to form the Kingdom in 14th Century, with Srinagar as its capital.
it existed for about 300 yrs, But during the British period, After the Treaty of Sugauli 1815,
King Sudarshan Shah got districts of Tehri, Uttarkashi, and the districts of Pauri, Dehradun, Rudraprayag, Chamoli plus The whole Kumaun region went under the British domain, for help in countering the Gurkha invasion.

Talking about Kumaun Region:
The history of Kumaun started with the Katyuri dynasty that ruled from the 7th to 11th Century.
later Katyuris lost to the Chands of Pithoragarh.

UK Rich culture

Uttarakhand is rich in it’s culture it depends upon it’s inhabitants, environment & it’s heritage

Uttarakhand’s Pahari people simplicity of their Life is reflected their Folk Dances, some of them are:

  • Choliya Dance (sword dance )
  • Tadiya dance
  • Chanchari Dance
  • Chaufula Dance
  • Jagar Dance
  • Langvir Dance
  • Pandava Dance
  • Bhotiya Dance
  • Chhapeli Dance
  • Chancheri Dance

Music is an integral part of Uttarakhand culture. the calm fantastic scenic mountain inspires many Pahari musicians to compose great tones; Some of the Folk Songs are:

  • Choopati song
  • Basanti song
  • mangal song
  • Pooja Song
  • Jaggar Song
  • Bajuband Song
  • Khuded song
  • laman song

Some Interesting Facts about Uttarakhand:

  • UK has Indias 1st & Oldest National Park , – Jim Corbett National park
  • Tungnath temple is the highest Lord Shiva temple in the world.
  • Hemkunt Sahib highest Gurudwara & place of worship in the world.
  • Mussori is also called “Queen of Hills” & has Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy where civil service officers of the IAS & IPS candidates train together.
  • Almora is also called – “Switzerland of India”

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