Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar

Dr Ambedkar, the real Superman behind Post-independence success

One of India’s greatest Social reformist, economics and policymaker – Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, for others, he was “baba sahib“.

A man who has dedicated his life toward the welfare of scheduled caste people and women who were outlined by the upper castes. Who emphasizes more on Education of marginalized people, the Poorer section and Women.

Dr Ambedkar was the 14th and last son born to parents who belong to the Mahar community who were treated as untouchables or lower Caste; His father was a Subedar serving in the British Indian Army and his mother was a house Maker.

Despite being from a lower caste community, he was fortunate that his father encourage him in Studies, & he got a chance to go to school;

but Ambedkar and other untouchables were subjected to Socio-economic discrimination.

They didn’t get an equal chance to sit with other students, they weren’t even allowed to touch the School water, for this they to rely on the School peon (who belong to the upper caste). Such were the atrocities Ambedkar faced during this childhood;

At that time no one knows that the child whom they are treating as untouchable would emerge as one of India’s most prolific Economists, Social reformers, politicians; who will be the chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution of India.

When he passed his 4th grade —  his community celebrated this event, because as per them, Ambedkar has reached “great heights”. But they didn’t know the same Ambedkar would shock the world, with his genius and intelligence, becoming the only person in the world to get a “Doctor All Science” degree from the London School of Economics. how rare it is to get, can be guessed from the fact that till now many intelligent have tried for it, but none of them was successful.

He became 1st in his community (Mahar caste) to get into College, after passing high School he went Elphinstone College.

Soon became 1st Indian to get a foreign Doctorate in Economics. 

His love and patriotic nature can be seen from the work he had done in his works during his thesis.

Some of these notable works are: the National Dividend of India and the problem of the rupee.

After completing his studies he came to India, devoted his life toward —  the upliftment of socially discriminated people.  He held numerous movements against Untouchability, led satyagraha to fight for the rights of untouchables.

He bluntly spoke about the condition of women, regardless of religion. 

In 1936, Dr Ambedkar founded his political party named : the Independent Labour Party. Which won decent seats of the Central Legislative Assembly.

Establish Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha to promote awareness among Women regarding education and socio-economic improvement. 

He deliberately made several policies that favour more on making Education accessible to all the Marginalized people and women. 

  • The Article 14 in Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Right to Education Act 2008 
  • Government to give more Scholarships 
  • Make Education Affordable 

He was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution and has a major contribution to the drafting of the constitution of India ( which is also the World’s lengthiest constitution). a constitution that is focused on Equality among all, despite their caste, sex, or wealth provided several constitutional benefits to the lower caste people who were being exploited for hundreds of years, and provide Social rights to women.

The beauty of our Constitution can be seen till now, where wherever Financial Budget has presented a major chunk of the budget is emphasised on uplifting the depressed people, providing Free basic Education, healthCare facilities, connecting them with urban cities via infrastructure development or digital connectivity. helping the economic weaker section by various schemes. but it is also the fact that despite pouring in tonnes of money, despite framing 5-year plans from post-independence, the Actual Ground reality says a different story.

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