Uttarakhand State Symbol
Uttarakhand State Symbol

Uttarakhand State Symbol | 4 official and 10 unOfficial; you should know

As per Indian Government official siteknowIndia & Uttarakhand Government official site -> utrenvis

Uttarakhand has 4 official state symbols which include- State Animal, State Bird, State Flower & State Tree.

Symbol NameName
State AnimalMusk Deer
State BirdMonal
State FlowerBrahm Kamal
State TreeBuransh (Rhododendron)
Uttarakhand State symbol chart
Uttarakhand State Symbol 4 official state symbols
Uttarakhand State Symbol

There are also other unofficial/de-facto State symbols: sports, Fruit, Nickname, River, Sweet, Vegetable, Butterfly, Fish, Instrument, Song.

let’s 1st take a zoom on -> Uttarakhand official state symbols

Uttarakhand State Animal: Musk Deer

Uttarakhand State Animal Musk Deer
Musk Deer
  • Scientific name : s Moschus chrysogaster
  • Species:  M.leucogaster

more About Musk Deer:

  • Musk Deer is also known by Kasturi Mirg of Himalayan Musk Deer
  • It is most primitive in the deer family
  • Found in the Himalayan region, at an altitude of 3000 to 5000 m
  • Himalayan Musk deer are endangered due to poaching and smuggling, as it is used in medicines and cosmetics

Uttarakhand State Bird: Monal

Uttarakhand State Bird: Monal
Himalayan Peacock or Imperial Monal
  • Scientific name: Lophophorus Impejanus
  • Species:  Lophophorus

more About Monal:

  • Monal is also known by Himalayan Peacock or Imperial Monal
  • Found in Himalayan regions at an altitude of 2500 to 5000m
  • Male monal is of blue and brown colour &  has a crest on its head, while female Monal is brown
  • It is also the national bird of Nepal

Uttarakhand State Flower:  Brahm Kamal

Uttarakhand State Flower: Brahm Kamal
Brahm Kamal
  • Scientific name: Saussurea obvallata
  • Species:  S.obvallata

more About  Brahm Kamal:

  • Brahm Kamal belong to the sunflower family
  • It is a native of the Himalayan Region.
  • Found mainly at high mountains, at an altitude of 3000 to 4600m
  • It blooms during the monsoon from July to August

Uttarakhand State Tree:  Buransh

Uttarakhand State Tree: Buransh
  • Scientific name: Rhododendron arboreum
  • Species:   R.arboreum

more About  Buransh:

  • Buransh is an Evergreen tree
  • Its flower blooms in the mid of spring & its leaves are spirally arranged
  • Pahari people of Uttarakhand use its flower petal to make -> Buransh Sharbat (Juice)
  • It is also the National tree of Nepal

Uttarakhand unofficial state Symbol

Uttarakhand Government has not officially recognised these symbols but is commonly used by peoples and famous among local people.

Uttarakhand unofficial state Symbol
Uttarakhand unofficial state Symbol
Symbol NameName
Nickname Devbhoomi ( Land of God )
SweetBal Mithai
VegetableKandali (Urtica dioica)
FishGolden mahseer
ButterflyCommon peacock ( Papilio bianor polyctor)
SongUttarakhand Devabhumi Matribhumi
(Written by – Hemant Bisht,
musician – Narendra Singh Negi)
Uttarakhand unofficial state Symbol

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