Uttarakhand Startup
Uttarakhand Startup

all about Uttarakhand StartUP | you must know

once I was surfing the Quora website and I stumble on an interesting Question asking — “is there any startup in Dehradun”, I was curious as a fish to What’s the people view on this topic, most of the Answers were +ve while some were -ve.

the interesting thing to note is — all the -ve Answers were all 5-6years ago

=> Uttarakhand would have seen tremendous growth in terms of a startup, Infrastructure, Policies in recent years; so to Research the facts and figures I went to startupUttarakhand website and what I saw there was MIND Blowing!

Uttarakhand has got 100 startups, in just 3 years, that have emerged in different sectors.


Uttarakhand is naturally blessed with some fearless people who have the guts to do something on their own, we see them in Army, we see them in Corporates, We see them in various Shows, but here I am talking about “Entrepreneur.

NOW, as this may sound like some hi-fi; ironMan suit type word but Entrepreneur simply means — those people who start some startup or business on their own, which is financially risky & suffer initially losses to make a profit in the long run.

Uttarakhand, being the 9th richest state in terms of per capita income, has also tonn of problems from digital services to Quality products, there is a demand, there is a lack of supply to right targeted audience which these young Entrepreneur of Uttarakhand are taking advantage.

Uttarakhand has become a hub of a startup these days, Thanks to the state’s educational institution & State Government applaudable work in helping the Entrepreneurs by framing policies that encourage youth/investors to promote more employment.

The UK government has also started the “Uttarakhand startup challenge” which is being held every year, select the top 10 champions among hundreds of participants, the champion startup cash price is 50,000 Rs.

Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020:


Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 99rupaye

Business idea:

“Online blouse portal for females where they can get ready to wear blouses at an affordable price starting from Rs.99”

Plades innovations

Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 Plades innovations

Business idea:

instead of throwing plastic in the dump, the Plades innovation startup can transform Plastic waste into a new product, like a plastic tile; thereby tackling the problems of plastic pollution.

Majeen Agro

Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 Majeen Agro

Business idea:

Majeen Agro offers unique and creative ideas to boost local Agriculture reach to access larger Market while also safeguarding the integrity of a small scale farmer.

Thirdbuttons Studios

Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 Thirdbuttons

Business idea:

Thirdbuttons Studios provides an App-based/web-based community a platform for photographers, independent artists, musicians, filmmakers, etc

Hire A Camp

Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 Hire a Camp

Business idea:

they provide a Platform for instant booking of a camp at some selected locations in India.

Mulya Creation

Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 Mulya Creation

Business idea:

Mulya Creation startup focuses on replacing the chemical dyes with natural dyes, by using the natural ingredients which causes zero harm to the environment

AV Scrappers

Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 AV Scrappers

Business idea:

AV-Scrappers provide a service via the online medium of collecting recyclable waste. they act as an Scrap dealer & provide a platform for people to sell their household junk.

Grow Himalaya

Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 Grow Himalaya

Business idea:

Grow Himalaya startup focuses on cultivation, processing and marketing of high demanding crops like —
Red Rice, Mushroom, Bamboo


Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 Vedashree

Business idea:

they provide high-quality study material, via both online & offline to learners.


Winner of Uttarakhand startup challenge 2020 Dust

Business idea:

their Startup collect E-waste from companies, households and convert them into new products.

image Src -> startuputtarakhand

Uttarakhand startup policy 2018

Both Center and State Government have played an important role in pushing the wave of startups; the Uttarakhand startup policy 2018 provide ease to take the initial step of registering a company via an online platform at a reasonable price of around just 7000rs.

also, Countries First 10-acre Industrial park is going to be set up in Uttarakhand’s Sitarganj district (Rudrapur area) — exclusively for Women entrepreneurs.

the startup policy aim to provide a helpful environment for all the 3 sectors; also establishing several industrial estates in cities like — Dehradun, Haridwar, Pantnagar, kashipur, kotdwar, selaqui, sitarganj etc. will not only help entrepreneurs but also generate local employment and thus tackling the problem of Unemployment and Migration problems in Uttarakhand.

uk startup policy benefits:

Uttarakhand government have ensured that the starting phase of a startup (which is the hardest) must be assisted and provide several incentives to recognised startups, some of the key highlights are:

  • Montly allowance of 30,000 will be given for 1 year, if
    • The startup operates in Category A district of Uttarakhand  ie, ( Pithoragrah, Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Champawat, Rudraprayag and Bageshwar)
    • If the startup focuses on ST/SC/Women/Physically challenged people
  • Montly allowance of 20,000 Rs will be given for 1 year, if
    • It has recevied financig by a ange networks or SEBI registered AIF category 1 &  2 funds in a range of 5L to 1Cr
    • The stattup has genereated a revenue rangeing bw 50,000 to 10L per month over the last 3 months
    • the startup has a sanction letter of grant or funding to the entity by the Government of india/state government
  • Product developemnet and marketing assitance may be offered to a recoginesed startup  upto 5L under certain condition
  • Reimbrsement will be given on — Stamp Duty upto 50% or 100% based on , SGST

you can read all about Uttarakhand startup policy -> indiafillings

Existing famous uttarakhand StartUP

I have hovered over the internet, Uttarakhand Government startup lists & thereby listed some of the unique, innovative startUPs, which are also boosting local employment.

some of them are:

Sunfox Technologies

Uttarakhand startup
12-gram ECG, Image src: sunfox.in

Industry Type: Manufacturing

Business Idea: the Healthcare startup aims to bring technologies related to IoT, Biomedical Instrumentation and other engineering domains.

their featured device is Spandan (world’s lightest portable smart ECG device)


Uttarakhand startup SOMYA SPAWN LAB
SOMYA SPAWN LAB , Img src: Facebook page -Somya-Spawn-Lab-Pvt-Ltd

Industry type: Agriculture and Allied Activities

Business Idea: mushroom cultivation and Training Programs

started in Dec 2016 by Saraswati Rawat & Divya Rawat popularly known as “the Mushroom Lady “, she is also the Brand Ambassador of the GOVERNMENT OF UTTRAKHAND.


Uttarakhand startup Pahadi Namak Himshakti
Himshakti, Img Src: powerofhimalayas.com

Industry type: Agriculture and Allied Activities

Business Idea: sell Uttarakhand’s Pahadi Namak or flavoured salts, domestically as well internationally in countries like — France, US, Russia, UK…

the startup ties with farmers of Uttarakashi district, producing a unique flavoured salt made by getting salt from Rajasthan’s sambhar lake & locally grown spices and herbs. thereby employing and making the Locals of Didsari Village Self-dependent; also featuring the name of Uttarakhand on the global map.


Uttarakhand startup hills2home
hills2home Img Src: hills2home.com

Industry type: Agriculture (e-commerce, manufacturing, Marketplace)

Business Idea: connect hills of Uttarakhand with the domestic and international market via an e-commerce platform

started in 2018, situated in Nainital district; the startup has partnered with 100 local farmers, they have been also recognised by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park  Smart Fifty Contest amongst the top 100 startups in the field of Social Development; Hills2home startup also act as NGO to promote women employment and being self-dependent in hills.


Uttarakhand startup dtownrobotics
dtownrobotics , Img src: dtownrobotics.com

Industry type: Manufacturing

Business Idea: built Advance Drones (like Agricultural Drones, Surveillance drones, Payload Delivery Drones), Robots (like Rhino UGV, UV Sanitization Robots, Surveillance UGV’s), Home Automation and also provide services: Drones, RobotsHomeAutomation, Consultancy related.


Uttarakhand startup camcann
camcann , Img Src: camcann.com

Industry type: Service (Technology)

Business Idea: They provides a solution to combat outdated Security System; using advance methods and technology like AI, IoT and augmenting the current technology.

founded by Abhinav Gupta in 2018, situated at Vellore at VIT TBI; It’s been funded 5 lakh from Startup Uttarakhand & 8lakh by the Department of Science and Technology under the NIDHI PRAYAS Scheme.


Uttarakhand startup Bhuli
Bhuli , Img Src: Facebook page – Bhuli.art

focuses on: Uttarakhand’s unique cultural heritage (local art, culture and cuisine)

Business Idea: it’s a social enterprise, team Bhuli provides a platform — Space Bhuli, so that people (especially women) to show Uttarakhand’s local art, also involved in making projects like — Bhuli Limited Edition calendars. they also organise several Campaing across Uttarakhand to promote awareness among the locals.

Hope you like my startup Article; I searched a lot about famous startups in Uttarakhand and came up with these Startup; what’re your views on that?

which Startup is your Favourite?

is there some amazing startup that I missed? (then please let me know, in the COMMENT SECTION )

Thanks for Reading



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