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NEW Emerging Businesses trend in Uttarakhand

Here in this article, I’m going to discuss the emerging industries or businesses in Uttarakhand, it may be due to the demand curve or by the active Government support or have the potential to create a new dimension of problem-solving services.

Existing Uttarakhand startup ecosystem and specific industries like Tourism, IT, Electric Vehicle, manufacturing..etc are in momentum & government fully supporting them

UK government policies & incentives
UK government policies & incentives

These sectors do a lot of potentials + doing it innovatively can not only caters the need of locals, but can also attract international audience’s attention.

Homestay, Adventure tourism,  Combat sports, Pahari brand shops/business, independent artists,  skill-based institution.


It is a business that the Uttarakhand government is actively promoting. it is a fantastic way to give remote Hilly people an alternative to Agriculture, in addition to that it could also be a centre of attraction for foreign tourists. As they can get to experience pahari culture and tradition; thereby Uttarakhand’s hospitality service could appear in global maps.

with respect to this, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board has formed Home Stay Policy(अतिथि उत्तराखण्ड गृह आवास योजना)

 Adventure tourism

Uttarakhand has a tourist outflow 3x the number of its population, most of them consider Uttarakhand only as a place of spiritual and fantastic Ecosystem, but the terrain of Uttarakhand can offer much more than that — “Adventure tourism”.

As its name suggests, it’s Adventurous. yes, the Ad-ven-ture

Uttarakhand has the potential of providing world class facilities for Trekking, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Wildlife Safaris.

Currently, we have some of the existing Adventure infrastructures in Rishikesh, Auli, mohan Chatti, Bhimtal ,,, etc.  

but more efforts can be put on this niche, via government incentives and private company involvement.

Combat sports

 People living in the hilly terrain are naturally tough and have a good gas tank, they have been doing wonders in the field of athletics, Army and other sports.

MMA(Mixed martial arts) is a combination of multiple art forms. it came in limelight in the early 1990s, because of fighter toughness, mental calmness and techniques it’s one of the fastest-growing sports industries in the west, it’s also gaining popularity in India, several MMA leagues have started in India like— Super fight league, Brave. Many Pahari fighters can be seen there in these leagues.

In MMA a fighter for eg, who may be Average at boxing and karate have an advantage over the top class Boxer as the 1st fighter can easily take advantage of the limitation of boxing, because of its diversity in fighting technique, an MMA gym required a variety of Combat teacher.

Angad Bisth ( MMA fighter and MMA Coach), who hails from Rudraprayag, is one of the top-ranking MMA fighters in India. Like him, many fighters have started their MMA gym in cities like Dehradun.  If this opportunity/infrastructure can be provided to any pahari living in the mountains of Uttarakhand, this could create a huge sports industry in Uttarakhand.

 Pahari brand

Though most of the educated pahari have migrated to cities like Dehradun, Haridwar, Delhi because of lack of job opportunities in Hills; there is still a connection, love in their heart for the Uttarakhand culture.

We can see this by the Millions of views on Garwali and Kumauni Music videos get, But this huge market is untapped by a few, some of them are:

Independent Singers

Uttarakhand music had been already blessed with some fantastic artists like – Narendra Singh Negi, Basanti Bisht, Meena Rana, Kishan Mahipal, and the list goes on.  Recently Uttarakhand’s Pawandeep Rajan also won Indian Idol 2020. clearly shows that we have potential youth that has great music taste.

With the increase of penetration of the Internet and awareness among the youth, one can easily find courses on Music online, can buy equipment via Amazon, can easily contact production house & can easily show their art in Youtube.

Many independent artists have emerged in recent times some of them are:

Priyanka Meher, Shraddha Sharma, Shivam Sadana, Karan Nawani, Ruhaan Bhardwaj

skill based institution

Uttarakhand literacy rate is one of the highest in India, being one of the richest states in terms of per capita income; many parents are aware of the industry trend & wanted their child from teen, to learn some skill apart of the school monotonous subjects. A skill that could spark some creativity or just for exploration.

in hills, as well in the state’s Winter capital Dehradun, there is a very less skill-based institution that teaches something particle-like: WEB development, Android development, music, dance, Acting, Scriptwriting etc.

There is a great demand but very few institutions can be seen in hilly regions, this may be due to hard terrain, infrastructure problem or the Health care system.

The good news is that: Center Government & State government has invested a lot to connect the remote region and has given utmost priority to Infrastructure development.

the +ve sign in this context can be seen as— the Foreign direct investment in Uttarakhand is impressive.

so in the coming years, we could possibly see several skill based institution coming in Uttarakhand.

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