Why start Podcast
Why start a Podcast

Why you should start a Podcast | Top 5 free podcast platform in India

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are Audio programs, consider them as an audio version of Youtube.
It has its own fan base; it’s most liked by people who have scarcity of time but wanted still gain knowledge or be connected with their field of interest,
for such people podcast is a boon, Now they can Multitask & play the podcast in the background.

Podcast are Audio version of Youtube

what I meant is, it has tons of genre & categories from humour, ghost stories, self-created poetry, Cosmos, to –> Wanted to propose a girl? type channels
if you have any kickass idea or have any experience of College, School, Sports you could start sharing your experiencing.
it’s a v nice when we try to share knowledge or Experience.
as once a legend has said>>>

it’s unbelievable how much you don’t know about the game you’ve been playing all your life

Mickey Mantle

Why you should start podcast

  • the podcast has less competition than YouTube & blogging
    • recent Spotify survey saw an 1100% year-on-year growth in Hindi podcast on Anchor.
  • The podcast is easy to make & can easily reuse its content in the blog or on Youtube.
  • Audio content is more convenient for Working professional, Drivers, Students
    • As per the HINDU: Indians prefer inspiring content that teaches them something new, “18-24-year-olds formed the largest audience of those who listened to a podcast on Spotify the first time this year,”
  • hearing someone voice makes it easier to connect & it becomes more personal plus you could feel their excitement, emotion.
  • podcast fanbase is growing rapidly, you can earn money as successful podcaster make million $ a year
    • eg, John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast) generates over 100k a month
    • Flynn via affiliate marketing and podcast advertising makes a million $ a year.

Top Free Podcast hosting platform in India

As per my research, these are the top free podcast platform, they do provide free hosting ( means a space where your podcast will be digitally stored & can be easily fetched by someone via the internet), you can also visit their official website.

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