Why start Podcast
Why start a Podcast

Podcast is a deal, yeah! you must checkout these 5 free platforms

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are Audio programs, consider them as an audio version of Youtube.
It has its own fan base; it’s most liked by people who have a scarcity of time but wanted still gain knowledge or be connected with their field of interest,
for such people podcast is a boon, Now they can Multitask & play the podcast in the background.

Audio version of Youtube— HOW?

what I meant is, it has tons of genre & categories — from humour, ghost stories, self-created poetry, Cosmos, to –> Wanted to propose a girl? type channels
if you have any kickass ideas or have any experience of College, School, Sports you could start sharing your experiencing.
it’s a v nice when we try to share knowledge or Experience.
as once a legend has said>>>

it’s unbelievable how much you don’t know about the game you’ve been playing all your life

Mickey Mantle

Why you should start podcast

  • the podcast has less competition than YouTube & blogging
    • recent Spotify survey saw an 1100% year-on-year growth in Hindi podcast on Anchor.
  • The podcast is easy to make & can easily reuse its content in the blog or on Youtube.
  • Audio content is more convenient for Working professional, Drivers, Students
    • As per the HINDU: Indians prefer inspiring content that teaches them something new, “18-24-year-olds formed the largest audience of those who listened to a podcast on Spotify the first time this year,”
  • hearing someone voice makes it easier to connect & it becomes more personal plus you could feel their excitement, emotion.
  • podcast fanbase is growing rapidly, you can earn money as successful podcaster make million $ a year
    • eg, John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast) generates over 100k a month
    • Flynn via affiliate marketing and podcast advertising makes a million $ a year.

How easy it is edit

for a beginner it is easy to mix your voice with music, all you need is a mobile and a audio editor app.

this is how I edit a podcast, by these 3 simple steps —

step 1: download the audio editor app
step 2: select the mix audio button

paste ur audio and another background song

Top Free Podcast hosting platform in India

As per my research, these are the top free podcast platform, they do provide free hosting ( means a space where your podcast will be digitally stored & can be easily fetched by someone via the internet), you can also visit their official website.

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