is Meditation worth trying | my Experience & Research

“Meditation can turn fools into sages but unfortunately, fools never meditate.”

Swami Vivekananda

before I put plethora of studies and my Research, it’s better to start from my own Experience

For nearly a year I was dedicated and preparing for Indian AirForce, & often used to get distracted after a while, my continuity and study momentum was crushed by my fantasy dreams(which I hated but cannot resist), until I started Mediation. What?

Meditation Experience calmness of mind

Yes, Meditation, unlike we all think, is done only for a spiritual purpose; but the main aim of mediation is the calmness of mind, and focus on a specific direction.

My Meditation Experience:

what drove me to practice meditation till now, is not that I have seen or read, some motivation Stuff. but I learn from my mistakes and by self-assessment; that Meditation is Actually good for me, especially “Observing-thought Meditation” & “Breathing meditation” <– ( don’t worry i have also covered — types of meditation)


For me meditation is like  mind pushUPs, when I do  it, It re-energise  my brain, and sharpen attention.

Earlier  I wasn’t consistent in it, despite knowing the benefits of meditation. Sometimes my procrastinating mind says me- “just sitting there, and giving ur 10minutes , aah!!,  better to watch some funny vedios, yaar!!

and Yes! my mind loves to be in my Comfort Zone, but over the time from days to weeks to months,  I have Experienced and noted the difference in the day activity , when I meditate and when I don’t.

My Meditation Experience

for me, it was a significant difference and when I noted this point and thought about it seriously Researched on the internet(how actually Meditation works), to my Amaze! I didn’t think that the internet was full of Research studies.

Not only these Famous Personalities — from my favourite genre to the world biggest company CEO most of them do meditation.

some of Famous Personalities who meditate are–>

  • PM Narendra Modi ―
PM Narendra Modi meditating At kedarnath cave
  • Kobe Byant ―
  • Sadhguru ―
  • .
  • Jennifer Lopez ―
  • Marc Benioff―
  • Clint Eastwood ―
  • .

so after Researching, I got pretty fascinated about meditation, & Now I do not dare to take it casually, also wrote specific meditation time in my timeTable.

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