How Game Addition works
How Game Addition works

How Teenagers get prone to Gaming Addiction- A Developer point of view

Gaming in Mobile come nearly the time when internet service was being provided to the general public in India.
in 1997, 1st mobile game Snake was introduced in NOKIA 6110 was the most popular feature of the mobile.

but now a more sustainable way of high-end gaming is possible in Smartphones,
Thanks to the continuously Evolving technology.

some quick FACTS:

  • Mobiles have captured more than 85% of the Online gaming Market of India by revenue.
  • A recent survey found that women mobile gamers are actually more active than men in INDIA.
  • WHO in 2018 have recognized teenage video game addiction by classifying gaming disorder as a diagnosable mental health condition. which include 3 points
    • inability to control the urge to play video games
    • The feeling that gaming is more important than any other activity
    • Continuing to play video games despite the negative consequences of the behaviour on relationships, academic performance, and/or work. (src- WHO 11t edition)

Lets Talk brief about SmarPhones

Since in India 85% of gaming is done in Mobiles.

let’s discuss what makes mobile so preferred choice Over Computers or PS.

since Smartphones have improved significantly
from Nokia in 1990s –> to iPhone 2007 –> Motorola in 2011to Samsung Galaxy –> till now


the Chipset Which is the heart of a SmartPhone is now capable enough, that it can handle heavy and graphics-intensive games,
with good clock speed and more core count are able to handle simultaneously several tasks.

Smartphones also come with other capabilty which ensure better & optimize gaming performance.

(OKOK. I will not give a full lecture on it , i will just give u a brief Overview about each feature… just chill )


exclusively used for handling graphics function. more cores in a GPU means smoother the game will be & will support higher resolution
High Refresh Rates – is the number of times Graphic on the screen updates. A higher refresh rate will give u a smooth view of the graphics
high Capacity Battery – since most highEnd game takes very much resource of ur phones, so a good battery is required


required to run multiple programs, provides temporary space for holding data.
also, a good display & good speaker enhance gaming experiences.

why Back in kids 10 yrs ago, weren’t so addicted like Nowadays

in 2010 times when — good gaming was only possible in either video games or Computers.
kids/Students –> have to wait for a specific time in a day–> for playing games.
were they entertained-> YES
were they Addictive to it-> well Yes to
some extent,

but since the Whole Gaming Setup (either done in Video game or Laptop or Computer) is in a Single place -> & visible enough –> by parent/brother


not Combatible to take outside of the house,
therefore a teen mindset -> was that OK, this a specific duration of time in which I can play
& at any leisure/free time I get, be it in ( School, College, Eating) I cannot play.

Nowadays Since gamming is possible in Mobile, & because of its compatibility & Capability, they play it whenever they get leisure time & for long durations

Present Scenario

How does a good Multiplayer Game made

a good Mobile Muliplayer games like — Pubg , freeFire or Call of Duty.

Development of any high-level Mobile multiplayer game involves a team of experienced professionals and it takes generally 1/2 -1 yr.
since these games include abundant layers of detail which are very beautifully designed, Making such a multiplayer game requires high Development costs.
It’s a High reward & High-Risk market.

Some few facts
  • PUBG has officially made nearly 50 Cr $ in just 1/2 yr of the release,
  • PUBG has been making nearly $7-8 million every month since May in India 2019

Their Monetization Strategy/ Business model relies on-> to keep the game Free & keep u playing it. This will increases the chances you ur buying something;

psychologist B.F. Skinner discovered that one could control behaviour through the use of a stimulus and a reward.

How do the Game Developers make u Playing every day

  • Receiving a reward every time you level up
  • Extending the time it takes to level up
  • Punishment for Not Playing
  • Compelling one for logging in every single day to level up your character, increasing the chance that you’ll spend extra money on the game
  • Nowadays most Games introduced the concept of Loot box: it’s a virtual Collection of items with different levels of Offers
    • there are a number of Cases where People lost their entire life saving on it

What makes someOne Addicted to any Games

  • Beating ur Competitor: when competing against solo or in the group, the thrill of beating opponent via being alert & observant about each & every direction, especially in battle royal format games
  • urge to increase Rank: so to get a specific reward/costume which will get unlock only if u have reached a specific level
  • Discovering Maps & new Skills: in a Multiplayer game they have large Maps & trill to get the best combination of Weapons & tactics involved in killing ur Rivals is Each & every time a different experience no matter how many times u play the game
  • RelationShips with Online Community: Some Kids play it because it gives them a feeling of pleasure but the Kids are more addicted to it who gets easily bored, feel outcasts at Sports, have Poor relationship with Friends & Family.

Some important Studies related to Game Addition

  • playing games gives us Reward/applause in some form releases Dopamine (a mood-regulating hormone associated with feelings of pleasure)
  • Playing Games continuously for long hours puts our Nervous system into a Constant state of hyperarousal & Overstimulation
  • Studies have shown that People having Gaming disorder showed lower brain grey & white matter ( which regulates emotion, impulse control, decision making)
  • Chances of Depression of a Game addict is 1.5x higher than Non-Game addict

Final Words

Hmm… till now it seems like Gaming is a curse , Well No!

As Lord Buddha describes in his Noble Eightfold Path as the middle way of moderation ie, the middle path between extreme Self-Discipline on one hand and Self-gratification on the other.

Just like that, Playing any game Should be done in a Moderate way -> for pleasure; Keeping ourself away from negative consequences of the Addiction or worsening academic performance or Relationship.

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