About me:

Aman – the pahari guy

Hey there, I really appreciate, that you have reached this far into my blog, I’m REALLY impressed! before telling more about me, just wanted to say — you seem a curious guy — reach out to me at insta. will discuss any topic you like.

My name is Aman, hails from Rudraprayag; had earlier started blogging also during my Second Semester of college but that was tech-related and I had REALLY no interest in that field.

then at last year of College started preparing for AirForce, because of which the year 2020 was dedicated to UPSC Syllabus, have learnt a lot of things, from how our Local Representative-elect, to how was our Ancient India looks like, to Coastal reefs, corals, to Mathematical theories.

after going through this much tonn of information, my interest grew more in fields of Socio-Economic issues, also the journey of UPSC have taught me a lot; have learnt a hard lesson of Productivity, Time Management & SELF DISCIPLINED (tough in each one of them, i have a lot of distance to cover) .

so here i am, taken a step share my views on Uttarakhand :

  • Economic
  • Social issues
  • Uttarakhand State , how , why , what

i also here share some of my productive and interesting hacks in — interesting Conversation category.

Why name the Domain “the-pahari-guy”

well I was reading Mental Maths book by Arthur Benjamin & Michael Shermer, I found it pretty fascinating (loved it till now), there at it’s an index page, was written -> Foreword by Bill Nye (the Science Guy)

I got attracted with this phase, the Science guy. also in subsequent days, I have encountered more & more such cases — like — the french guy, the __ guy, the __ guy… so this was the point I thought that I’m going to make a website & will name it the-pahari-guy; .in / .com (who cares!!)

More About me:

apart from writing blogs, i am constantly improving my writing skills , also does freelancing in content writing

also learning Android Development

Love MMA , Writing, Riding